Borne out of passion for stories, D Moving Pictures has been turning tales of reality into films for over 9 years since 2010. A creative production house dedicated to mirroring moments within the society, D Moving Pictures’ sole mission lies in its’ intuitive desire for creating moving pictures with the most essential basics of film making techniques.

At D Moving Pictures, our attention is centred on the essence of our creativity – the power of good story-telling. We’re relentlessly creative, especially in translating a message via moving pictures. From conceptualisation and branding, to ideation and execution, we focus in helping our renowned clients and brands communicate to the mass.

We believe that art, created in any form, is an idea that will live forever; thus, it is our goal to create moving pictures that will remain in most hearts and minds for a long time. After all, it is originality that drives our passion in producing films that move the conscience.

Magnum4D CNY 2020 – Wan


Setia CNY2020 – The Many Celebrations


Cadbury CNY 2020


KFC – Holiday Backet 2019


Nescafe – Live Your Moment


Shell – Limited Edition Ferrari Collection

00: 40

Happy Cinema


Carlsberg Smooth Draught – Director Cut

00: 55

Padi Music Festival – Promo Film

01: 35

Our Clients

We have had the privilege to work with an extensive range of ambitious and exciting clients across many different business sectors.

Our clients include: